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There are so many fantastic, exciting, and curious pieces that make up this world we share! Come join us as we explore the spiritual, magical, and wondrous things that enrich our souls and bring color to our days.

We'll meet psychics, mediums, root workers, and witches. We'll be introduced to temples, spiritual locations, and more by those who traverse these paths every day. We'll connect with published spiritual and metaphysical authors, researchers, and masters who provide us with learning, growth, and insight into the mysterious. Each week a different guest will share their world with us in an exciting and enriching discussion!

So come and sit a spell [wink!], relax, and enjoy the show...we've only just begun!

Meet Your Host, Reverend Art!

I was born along the Great Lakes in Erie, Pennsylvania, and now reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina -- the heart of Appalachia. I am an ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek, a medium, a rootworker, a certified Reiki Master and Teacher of the Usui Sensei lineage, a spiritual life coach, and energy healing practitioner working in several modalities. Over the years I’ve learned to implicitly trust the gifts of my intuition and my guides and utilize them to coach my clients through the twists and turns of life to find love, to prosper, grow, learn, and heal.

An inquisitive and precocious youngster, I was always questioning everything around me. I still do, and that’s led me to actively seek answers to the questions and insight into the mysteries of the magical world around us. Come along with me as we explore together!


Broadcasting weekly on the LMC Radio Network, a community alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics.


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Broadcasting weekly on the LMC Radio Network, a community alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics.


From temples located on windswept mountain terraces to ancient monolithic structures built in unexpected locations whose patronage has long since been lost to history, the stories of the spiritual earth resound with amazing tales still untold. Crystals connect us to the energies of the universe around us, Reiki and various other spiritual healers support our holistic health as we walk our daily paths. We cleanse our esoteric selves through the sacred smoke of the white sage plant and rituals written before we were born. The fundamental knowledge we need for spiritual growth, connection, and enlightenment is out there...let's find it together!

We'll talk to mediums and psychics who divine the secrets surrounding our lives and situations. We'll visit Buddhist, Daoist, and other temples and shrines around the world, deepening our understanding. We'll call on experts in traditional uses of herbs and crystals to support our overall health and lives. We'll interview rootworkers and witches whose spell casting and rituals change the course of things around us. All this and more brought to you every week through exciting and enlivening interviews!

Let's expand our worldview together and share in these experiences that have fascinated, enlightened, and enriched lives over countless millennia!

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